It is important to pay close attention to how the drilling equipment tools are being used and how often they are used before the next maintenance is carried out. A few maintenance regimes can go a long way in how one treats these expensive assets. It is recommended that one incorporates the following regimes into their daily practice.

Inspect Frequently

How you look after your drilling tools is one of the simplest things that you have to do, which is to check on them regularly. It should be done at a certain time each day or every other day to ensure the tools are not damaged, worn out or developed some problems. Ensure that areas that are highly worn, like drill bits and chucks, are extra-checked. It saves big money in the long run because correcting minor issues before they become worse is less expensive.

Lubricate Components

It is common to find that many of the parts of drilling equipment tools require constant lubrication due to increased friction. You should check the owner’s manual for instructions regarding the lubrication of chucks, drives, gears and pulleys. Employing manufacturer-recommended lubricants can increase the level of protection of internal components. But be careful not to overuse it because excessive greasing will pull more dirt to it, which is destructive.

Protect From Some Natural Elements

Drilling tools are also vulnerable to wear due to the effects of unfavourable environmental factors. Tools must also be stored out of sight when not in use in appropriate storage areas that do not allow entry of moisture, ultra-violet light, fluctuating temperatures and airborne industrial pollutants. Some extra protective measures that are built into the transport cases include protective storage cases that give added protection during transportation from one shoot to the other.

Practice Safe Operation

Failure to take appropriate measures concerning tools’ usage, such as overheating or overloading parts, can cause drilling tools to be overstressed. Use the tools according to the required RPM, feed rate and cutting capacity for the material that you are cutting. It is also important to make sure that you select, mount and balance bits correctly to reduce vibration so that it will not affect the engine’s performance. It is crucial that you always abide by the operating instructions that are provided in your tool’s manual.

Summing Up

Some of the basic and easy-to-adhere-to activities, such as inspections, oiling and replacement of some parts, are elementary techniques that can be employed to increase the usage period of costly drilling tools. Follow the operational guidelines outlined above to prevent wear and tear.

It is seen that taking some additional time and effort to look after its investments in drilling equipment tools reaps benefits over an extended period of time.

by Harshad Shah